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About Delivery

    The buyer should ask the delivery information from the seller, or the seller should tell the buyer delivery information after the order status were set as "Waiting Trade".  The delivery receiver information must be same to the delivery information left by the buyer when they were placing the order. If the buyer want to change the delivery information, they must apply it through email way. The email address must be the payment email It is very important. if you did not do this way, some fraud happened, we will not be responsible for your lost.

    Different game has different delivery information. We will require the seller to keep the proof for the delivery. When the buyer and seller have disputes about delivery, the seller can upload proof through our site. If the seller can not supply the proof of the delivery, we will refund the money to the buyer.

    The delivery time means the time from okaygoods confirmed the order to the order is finished.

    For the best service, We strongly advize you inquiry the seller before you place the order.

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