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About Payments

I 、Paypal
    You need register one account on paypal. The paypal official site is To register paypal account, you need one email address and one bank account or credit card. You should use the bank  account or credit card to activate the paypal account. You can upload money to your paypal account from you bank account or credit card. You also can use your credit card to pay us directly through paypal. Paypal is the main way of us to receive money and make payment. The one with no verification paypal payment must have one paypal account.

II 、Moneybookers
    Same to paypal. Moneybookers official site is

III 、Credit Card
    There are many interfaces to let you use your credit card pay us. You can select paypal, moneybookers, alipay etc. When you click those payment method, they will tell you how to use credit card without register on them. We advise you to register on those payment company before you pay us. From a long term of view, it will be safe for your credit card information. 

IV 、Alipay
    Same to paypal. Alipay official site is

V 、Westernunion
    1. Pay Online at western union official website or go to your local westernunion agency to send cash. It is an instant payment way too.

    2. Visit and choose your country below "send money transfer online from".Note: If you can not find your country, it means you can not pay online, and please use the
second method to pay by western union.

    3.Register or Sign in if you have one account.

    4. Fill in a money transfer form at website. receiver information and sender information

    5.When done, a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) will be provided.
Please contact us through our
live chat to tell us the MTCN or email it to [email protected]  to us.

VI 、Other payment way
    We have many payment methods, when you want to make a payment, all the payment way will be showed before you. You can contact us when you have any further questions.

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