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Account Registration

    At the beginning you only need one valid email address will be okay.

    After you registered the account on our site, you can go to your account center to update your account information.

    The email address is very important to you. You should sure you can get email from that email address. There will be many action on our site need you going to your mailbox to process it.

    It is the safest measure we take to protect you.

What Is The Benefit Of Registeration

The benefits includes the below:

1.Issuing offers (selling or purchase)

2.Tracking offers

3.Using TheSafeSafe's chat to comunicate with the other members.

4.Making your deal more safer.

How To Activate Your Account?

    When you register on our site, you will get one email. The email contains one link to let you activate your account. If you did not get the email, you can contact us through our
livechat, we will help you to activate your account manually.


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