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Buyer Payment Verification Policies

    On our sites, most of the payment ways do not need any verification, especial the platform  TheSafeSafe.  Even some payment ways need verification, do not worry it will be very very simple, it will not affect the delivery speed much.  The situations are like the belows will need verification.
a) first time pay more than 20 usd and  less than 40 usd through paypal or moneybookers with verification will be verified by phone.  Just give us one phone number to let us can nonnect you will be okay.
b) first time pay more than 50 usd will be verified by phone and ID.
  ID verification is very simple too. you can click the former link to check it.
c) first time buy more than 200 usd, you should use other way to pay us except the paypal , credit card and moneybookers.
d) make more than 4 times payments in 24 hours will be verified by ID verification.
e) make more than 400 usd in first month will need ID verification.
f) make more than 600 usd in 3 months will need ID verification.
g) make more than 1000 usd in 3 months will need ID verification and WU verificatiom. WU verification means you should use Westernunion to make a payment.
h) phone verification--> ID verification --> WU verification. the later the more advanced the verification is. To make the advanced verification must before the lower verification is passed. Each verification only takes one time.

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