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How Do We Pay The Seller

    All the seller will be paid in 24 hours when they applied for the payment. Also you can ask us to pay you instantly. The belows are the main way for us to pay the seller:

1, Paypal
    Except China, the main way we pay the seller is paypal. Payment often  is instant. If you are our cooperator, and we have a huge amount of money transaction through this way, we can do it through mass pay or friend pay.

    This will save  sending fees.

    Often instant, no more than 24 hours.

    If the payment amount is less than 300 usd, the seller should stand all the sending fees. If more than 300 usd, we will stand the sending fees. 

    Same to Westernunion

    Main payment way in China. Often instant.

    If you demand some other special payment way, you can
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