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How To Contact The Seller

    At current moment, our company has two types of business. one type is the platform for Customer to Customer(C2C), the other are the professional sale sites for business to customers(B2C). The platform is the  TheSafeSafe.Com.  All the sites of our company share one data manage system.

    On the Thesafesafe,  at the start of each item, there is a collum call "Contact Seller" . There is an icon like a flash pop with one yellow block, on that block write ''contact seller". If that pop is bright mean the seller is online. If that pop show grap, it means the seller is not online. You can click that pop to check the seller's contact ways.

    The seller contact ways should be very different from where they from. Our platform give them right to define their own contact ways. Those ways often include Email, Skype, Facebook, and Thesafesafechat(you must be a member of our sites, then can use the chat).

    When you login our site, and at the top of our sites show you unread message with red color, this means someone contact you through Thesafesafe chat. You should login in and  can go to your mailbox, and click it. You will be brought to the chat window.

    If you are on other sites of us except, all the seller is us, so you can through the contact us link on each site to get touch with us.

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