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How To Pass Your ID Verification

    Our sites supply several payment ways for customers. Some payment ways do not need verification. Some payment ways need. If you buy too often or the amount is too huge, we will make ID verification.  Of course we will not need your sensitive informations( you can cover the sensitive information when you sending). The ID verification is very simple. There are many ways can let you pass it.  We just confirm the payment sender's name is same to the name showed on  one type of your official files.

    Those official files include  School ID, Work ID, Credit Card, Driver Licence, Security ID, Bank Months Statement, Phone Bills,Electricity Bills, Gas Bills, etc.

    You can scan the  above files to let us see the payment sender's name on it. You can use camera to take a picture of those files too, then send to us through our site or email us. In our site, you will have a interface to upload pictures.

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