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How To Sell

At current moment, our company has two types of business. one type is the platform for Customer to Customer(C2C), the other are the professional sale sites for business to customers(B2C). The platform is the  OKAYGOODS.COM.  All the sites of our company share one data manage system. When want to sell on our site, you will be lead to the OKAYGOODS. After you list on the TheSafeSafe your product will show on all of our sites. The selling procedures are like the beblows:

Step one, Registering on our sites.

Step two,  Seller  issue their item through Sell Function.

Step three, We audit the items and make it list on all of our sites.

Step four, Buyer place order and contact the seller directly to make the delivery.

Step five, Buyer confirm the delivery.

Step six, We pay the seller.

tips: You can manage your selling offers in the Account Center on our site..

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