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Refund Policy

If the seller have finished your order in time, you can not request for a refund. If the seller can not deliver you, you can request a refund at anytime. We will supply the instant refund.Please pay attention on the below of the refund fees policy:

Refund with 0.03 usd refund fee for each payment.

We will refund 96.5% of the payment amount you made to us. Because Moneybookers takes refund fee.

Less than 1000 usd, we will refund the amount you sent to us minus 25 usd. More than 1000 usd, we will minus the sending fees  from the amount you sent to us, It will be often more than 25 usd. The sending fee is different on different countries.

Same to Westernunion

Refund you 99% of the amount you sent to us.

If the other payment way refund need refund fees, we will not stand the refund fee.

Tips:If you have the right to refund, there will be one link linked to the order to let you apply the refund. If you met trouble on the refund, you can contact us through our live chat.

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