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Seven Main Business Type

The Main Seven Types of Our Products:
Gold:  The game currency or some thing that can flow in the game instead of game currency.
Item:  All the items in game except game currency.  Like the weapon, the gear, the potion, etc.
Accounts: The register information you made on some game. Main includes the login ID and login PW.
Powerlevel: The seller will rapid your character's some type of level of rank.  Often you need give your account ID and PW to the seller. and the seller login your account to play your character.
Guides:  The knowledge you know can help others to rapid level or get more online game currency etc.
Cdkey:  CDkey often let you install some games, and often has a code to activate your account. On our sites the CDkey just means the activativation code. This we can send you online. If you want to sell the real Cdkey, you can issue your items in accessories type.
Accessories:  Everything about game, that has a tangible obect. 
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